Suffering from the tyranny of a blank wall? Need an old piece of furniture made new? Do you want that unique accessory designed and painted for your home? Then you've come to the right place.

What is that voodoo that I do?

Salon Gazelle is a non-stop, artisan-makers shop. I call it my den of integrity because everything here is handmade and one of a kind.  I must confess: I don’t confine my artistic endeavors just to paint these. I also work with fiber, by that I mean wool, silk, alpaca, linen, etc.  I dye, paint, spin, sew, felt….in other words, I make wearable art.  From faux finishing and murals, to felting and spinning, to silk painting, these hands are never idle for long.

That is the voodoo that I do! And you, dear reader, can put my skills to good use on your behalf. Look anywhere on this website and you will see how you can put my talents and training to work designing and creating for you. If you need a piece of furniture repainted and made new, or you want a set of pillows designed for your new couch, my studio is the place you want to stop by.

I have two Etsy shops now.  Salon Gazelle is my little boutique where I post some of my newest designs, and I confess here too as well, some of my experiments. Tabitha’s Twists, the second shop,  showcases my vintage pattern and fabric collection, a love of mine. You can pick up special items there as well if you wish to make your own art to wear.


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